Spinning Straw, by Tracy Cochran

Naming Rumpelstiltskin, and the path to self-knowledge

On Being Nobody…and No One, by Tracy Cochran

How deeply we fear being nobody. One way to think of the ego is as a defense against pain, particularly the pain of being no one.

Let it Be, by Tracy Cochran

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

The Golden Ticket, by Tracy Cochran

Reaching an understanding that no storm can shake

Snow Day Reflection, by Tracy Cochran

There are different kinds of realizations. They are not always lightening bolts but sometimes soft and slow, as if snow were quietly falling and settling.

Giving Thanks, by Tracy Cochran

“Today we have gathered and see that the cycles of life continue.”

Away, by Tracy Cochran

On silent retreat, a woman finds connection from PARABOLA, Vol. 37:2, Summer 2012: Alone and Together.

Determination, by Tracy Cochran

When most of us think of determination, we think first of imposing our will on the world, insisting on a particular outcome, our vision. Yet real determination appears when we keep going, surrendering what the ego wants, which is always to look good, to sound good, to win. Real perseverance is willingness, not will. […]

Soft, by Tracy Cochran

The root meaning of heal is whole. Illness and mishap and even great tragedy can lead us eventually from the pain of isolation to a greater wholeness. There is such a powerful tendency in our spiritual aspiration to climb up out of the mess of our lives. But what if awakening involved sinking down instead…

Into The West, by Tracy Cochran

The rain was coming down in sheets as I drove down a wooded road in rural Montague, Massachusetts, towards the opening ceremony of the Maezumi Institute, the new training center of the Zen Peacemakers Order. “The End” by the Doors was playing on the car stereo. “The West is the best,” sang Jim Morrison. This…