Lucky Man

Life lessons from William Segal

Let It Be: a guided meditation with Tracy Cochran

A guided meditation on being gentle with yourself when things are hard, with Parabola’s editorial director Tracy Cochran. To support Parabola’s mission, please consider donating. 

A Night in the Forest, by Tracy Cochran

In the darkness, the Buddha found light

Butternut Goddess

Discovering the divine in her own backyard

Watching the Wild Things, by Tracy Cochran

Going to the movies, mindfully

In the Midst of Winter, an Invincible Summer, by Tracy Cochran

Seeing the light when it is darkest

Speechless, by Tracy Cochran

A meditation teacher loses her voice—and finds her way

Fusterlandia, by Tracy Cochran

A visit to Havana, a priceless discovery

You Would Run for Your Life, by Tracy Cochran

A mother and daughter trace their roots to the Vikings—and to those they conquered

Elizabeth, by Tracy Cochran

The summer after I graduated from college, days before I moved to New York City to launch a real adult life, I saw a ghost—an apparition, a spirit, an angel.