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Elizabeth, by Tracy Cochran

Elizabeth, by Tracy Cochran

The summer after I graduated from college, days before I moved to New York City to launch a real adult life, I saw a ghost—an apparition, a spirit, an angel.



Photographs by Stephan Gersh

Three Poems, by Mark Nepo

Heavy drops, carrying more | than they can bear, fall from no- | where, bending leaves already | sagging, and one by one, | the leaves let go.




Kuzunoha is a popular figure in Japanese folklore


A Holy man in meditation

Parabola Podcast, Episode 22: Gratitude

“Never underestimate the gift of exhaustion, that just for a moment you’re not thinking.” – Tracy Cochran Parabola editor Tracy Cochran leads a guided meditation at the Rubin Museum of Art, and the podcast looks […]

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Parabola Podcast, Episode 21: The Divine Child

Story editor Betsy Cornwell retells the Irish myth of Neasa the Ungentle, and looks at Patty de Llosa’s introduction to Marion Woodman’s concepts of how the conscious feminine can birth the divine child, in this episode of Parabola’s free monthly podcast.

Parabola Fall 2017, The Sacred

Parabola Podcast, Episode 19: “The Sacred”

Story editor Betsy Cornwell looks at our current issue, “The Sacred,” and reads Samuel Bendeck Sotillos’ “Spirit of the Earth: Indian Voices on Nature” and her own essay “The Fairies’ Right of Way.”

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The Hidden Third

The Hidden Third

“The greatest responsibility of all: the transmission of the mystery.” —Basarab Nicolescu


Spirit of the Earth: Indian Voices on Nature

As contemporary life becomes more and more fragmented and unsustainable, many individuals are left perplexed and searching for more complete and sustainable models to understand themselves and their place in the world around them. […]

Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson

Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson

Author Colin Wilson (1931–2013) was a lucky man in many ways. His luck continues after his death, with Gary Lachman’s biography Beyond the Robot, which is likely to be both the most comprehensive and the most favorable treatment Wilson will ever receive.

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