The Moon is Like a Boy
and the Sun is Like a Girl 

Anonymous / Jewish Retold by Maia Zelkha

The Lazy Girl and the Butter-Yellow Pot, by Nartana Premachandra

Anonymous / African

Retold by Nartana Premachandra

Out of the Box: How Raven gave light to the world, by Leslie Hebert

Anonymous / Haida
Retold by Leslie Hebert

Healing Water Goddesses, by Betsy Cornwell

Four Sacred Guardians

Suvannavanna Hamsa Jataka: The Golden Swan, by Margo McLoughlin

Long, long ago the Bodhisatta was born as a swan…

Sarabha-miga Jataka, The Noble Stag, Retold by Margo McLoughlin

An anonymous Buddhist tale translated from the Pali and retold by Margo McLoughlin

Ceremony, an Aztec myth, By Fray Juan de Torquemada and Translated by David Johnson

How the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca created a fiesta of music.

Izanagi and Izanami, a Japanese myth, Retold by Paul Jordan-Smith

How the goddess of creation became the goddess of death

Ring of Wisdom, a Sufi Parable, Retold by Anne Twitty

A Sufi king seeks a ring of great power.

The First Tears, an Eskimo folktale, Retold by Anne Twitty

How the First People learned to cry.