O My Country!, A Maghreb folktale, Retold by Anne Twitty

King Salomon seeks paradise with the help of an eagle

The Awakened Eye, by Frederick Franck

A recollection of the first moment of being at one.

Hagoromo, Retold by Kenneth Lawrence, translated by Kai Lawrence. Art by Kumiko Lawrence

A fisherman, a celestial maiden: a fateful decision

The Way of the Householder, Retold by Rama Devagupta

An anonymous Hindu tale retold by Rama Devagupta.

The Unasked Question, Retold by Paul Jordan-Smith

A classic quest seen anew

The Demands of the Way, by Tcheslaw Tchekhovitch

A spiritual master on what it takes

Tsunemasa, Retold by Kenneth Lawrence with Artwork by Kumiko Lawrence

Tsunemasa, Attributed to Zeami Motokiyo / Japanese Noh. Retold by Kenneth E. Lawrence, translated by Edward Kai Lawrence. Art by Kumiko Lawrence


Kuzunoha is a popular figure in Japanese folklore

The Brave Little Parrot, Retold by Rafe Martin

Rafe Martin offers a retelling of a traditional Buddhist Jataka tale.

Two Stories, by Mullah Nasr Eddin

Mullah Nasr Eddin, or Hodja Nasr Eddin, is a legendary Turkish teller of tales, a sort of wise fool, to whom all sorts of exploits are attributed.