The Thanksgiving Prayer, Adapted from the Mohawk

Today we have gathered and we see that the cycles of life continue. We have been given the duty to live in balance and harmony with each other and all living things. […]

The Verses of Ambapali, by Margo McLoughlin

In Vesali, in ancient India, at the time of the Buddha, a baby girl was born spontaneously at the foot of a mango tree in the royal garden. She was given the name Ambapali.

How Wisdom Became the Property of the Human Race, by Anonymous (West African)

There once lived, in Fanti-land, a man named Father Anansi. He possessed all the wisdom in the world. People came to him daily for advice and help.

Ave Maria, by Jenny Koralek

As the following passage begins, Jesus of Nazareth, here called Yeshua, is suffering on the cross, attended by several including his mother, Mary, here known as Maryam, and Elizabeth, cousin to Maryam and mother of John the Baptist. It is Elizabeth who narrates. —The Editors The cross, or whatever other heavy burden the hero carries, is himself, or rather the Self,…

Zen Moments, by Pamela Travers

We sit on our heels on the tatami, the Japanese woman and myself, telling the stories of our lives. One can do this with a stranger. Too near, and the perspective is lost. Only the far can be near. A sound–a knock, intimation only–had come from the inner door. And there she was in her…

The Christmas Angels, by Risa Levenson Gold with Artwork by Jean Zaleski

Two strangers, vehicles of the miraculous