Parabola Podcast Episode 26: “Wealth”

To consider ancient Egypt and all its influence is to consider time itself on the most fundamental level. No wonder we cannot hold the weight of that thought for long and choose to weave in mummy curses and thrilling tales of adventure – we turn it into a story, true enough to visit in a museum, but distant enough that we can gaze up at Sekhmet, as a child, as an adult, and stare into the eyes of the goddess of war.

Alexandra Haven, “The Nothingness of Time”

This episode of Parabola‘s free monthly podcast includes an excerpt from David Ulrich’s Zen Camera on the joys of mindful photography and drawing, as well as Alexandra Haven’s essay on the wonders of ancient Egypt “The Nothingness of Time.” Please consider supporting this podcast and Parabola magazine by purchasing a back issue or becoming a subscriber.

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