A New Conception of God

An interview with Keith Buzzell

Parabola Commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the arrival of Paramahansa Yogananda in America

With a gaze of majestic power, the master electrified me with a glimpse of his cosmic consciousness.

Thomas Merton and the Language of Life

The language of life asks for our ears and calls for our souls.

Walking with George

learning mindfulness and connection from a dog named George Lucas

When the Source Ran Free: A story for the present time

This song comes from a place where the angels are present, where light is born, where the future is written.

Our April Gift to You: A Free PDF of “The Search for Meaning”

These are challenging times for all of us. We at Parabola are offering a free PDF of our “The Search for Meaning” issue from Spring 2017 to anyone who would like one, and we hope you will find comfort in its pages. Click here to access your free PDF. You can also purchase a print…

Coronavirus: A New Responsibility

Institutions can give the money, but they don’t dispense the compassion. That’s up to us. We need, as individuals and as a society, to take a long hard look this question. We should begin now, because the question is being forced upon us with an urgency that will only become apparent later, after the excitement of disease is over.

A Free Gift for You in These Challenging Times

A free PDF of our ALONE & TOGETHER issue from summer 2012 to read in these challenging times.

Whence Cometh Our Help: An Exploration with Roger Lipsey (Video)

Are we the generation that will lose the Earth?

Sheela Na Gig

Fertility, birth and death, ferocity, protection, sexuality: all of these are surely aspects of the goddess, and not mutually exclusive of each other.