Icon and Mirror, a Photo Project by Pola Rader

The photo project “Icon and Mirror” analyzes the Orthodox woman and her social role in feminist context.

Familiar situations and everyday spaces recreate images of reality of the protagonists, who live in Voronezh, a city in Central Russia and its suburb.

Here the common property of Russian traditions is passed down across generations and strengthening the grass roots of Orthodoxy, whose traditional view about women is still strongly anchored in the society.

Aesthetically, the project is based upon the writings of Andre Bazin about Neorealism -the photographs are conceived as a window on a given reality.

It is important for the photographer to unite the distance of viewing and the emotional closeness to the protagonists.

The transparency of their representation aims to make viewers feel the temporal and spatial continuation of reality beyond the picture.

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Jesus said to her,
“did I not say to you that
if you would believe
you would see the glory of God?”
John 11:40

project realization: 07.2018 – 11.2018