Parabola: The Search for Meaning : Free Complete Digital Index, 1976-2019

The Gurdjieff Foundation of Illinois has generously assembled a free searchable index for Parabola magazine readers.

The Gurdjieff Foundation of Illinois has generously assembled a free searchable index for Parabola magazine readers. The index will allow rapid and in-depth access to any topic/author/title covered by over 40 years of Parabola‘s publications.


Four times a year, since 1976, Parabola magazine has brought us essays, fiction, reviews, interviews and artwork from around the world. Each issue has focused on one topic or theme to be explored from a variety of perspectives. We believe that Parabola magazine issues from 40 years ago continue to be highly relevant to today’s seekers of truth. Recognizing that the many treasures buried in Parabola magazine were indeed buried, we offer this searchable electronic index of every issue published by the Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition, Inc. The file will be updated as new issues are released.


The Topical Index lists each issue of Parabola magazine with the topical description (assigned by Parabola), date, and volume/issue number. The Tables of Content have been enhanced to include significant items that were not identified on the printed Table of Contents pages including many book reviews which are often fascinating essays.


1. If you click on a topic name in the Topical Index you will be taken instantly to the corresponding Table of Contents page. Simply scroll up to return to the Topical Index.

2. At the top of each Table of Contents page, you may click this icon: In a few seconds, you will be taken to the page on Parabola’s store where, with a few clicks, you may buy a hard copy or digital version of that issue.

3. Using your browser’s “Find” feature, you can locate authors, titles, or any word or phrase throughout all of the Table of Contents pages. So, for example, if you entered Needleman, you will quickly receive a list of Table of Contents pages referencing Jacob Needleman including articles and book review from 1985, and another article from 2015. By clicking on any of the items on the list, you will go to the appropriate Table of Contents page.

The Gurdjieff Foundation of Illinois