When the Source Ran Free: A story for the present time

This song comes from a place where the angels are present, where light is born, where the future is written.

Inner Grace: Charisma and Presence

JFK, Ram Dass, and the mystery of Being

Freedom from Addiction: The Presence of a Moment

The remarkable story of A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson

Who Are You?

A human, an orangutan, a heart-to-heart communion

Into the Heart of Persian Sufi Poetry

Impressions from the land of Rumi

Suvannavanna Hamsa Jataka: The Golden Swan

Long, long ago the Bodhisatta was born as a swan…

Whence Cometh Our Help?

Guidance for our time from three wise men

The Monkey and the River, by Mark Nepo

The simplest and hardest thing to do each day is to be here–fully, completely, without turning away.

A Night in the Forest, by Tracy Cochran

In the darkness, the Buddha found light

Moving Toward Hope: A Conversation with Elaine Pagels

How can religious tradition be literally true when language is symbolic, intrinsically?