Summer 2022: Ancestors

Our ancestors are always with us. They reside in the color of our eyes, in our religious and social practices, in how we treat our fellow humans. They are to some extent our fate, but not necessarily our destiny.”

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Spiritual Intelligence, by Gerald Epstein

Spiritual Intelligence, by Gerald Epstein

Intelligence is a quality available to choose, as a function of mind that can live itself through us. In this article, I will focus on spiritual intelligence as understood within the Western Monotheistic traditions. Here we will explore five forms…

Agencies, by Anthony Blake

Agencies, by Anthony Blake

Heracles freeing Prometheus from his torment by the eagle (Attic black-figure cup, c. 500 BC) I must, before I die, find some way to say the essential thing that is in me, that I have never…

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Spring 2023: TRANSFORMATION (submission deadline: December 01, 2022)

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