Gurdjieff’s Apartment: “Here there are no spectators”, by Roger Lipsey

A universe of meaning in a small Parisian abode

Plant Healing and Shamanism in the Deep Amazon, by Jorges Hachumak with David L. Carroll

Inside an Ayahuasca ceremony

The Rusalki, by Jane L. Mickelson

Beautiful, mysterious, deadly: mermaids of Russian folklore

Presence and Prayer, by Michel Conge

To cherish the divine spark

The Deepest Silence, by John Roger Barrie

The mystical heart of silence

A Parabola Bestiary: Coyotes, by Peter Beagle

The trickster, the shape shifter, the god–the coyote

A Parabola Bestiary: Sea Creatures, by Robert Bly

Finding life between sand and sea

A Parabola Bestiary: Goat, by Joseph Cary

The trouble with goats

A Parabola Bestiary: Lion, by Vincent Rossi

Finding the true king in his cage

A Parabola Bestiary: The Cow, by Pamela Travers

Remembering the sacred mother animal