The Edges Must Be Even: Lessons from a Native American pow-wow, by Lillian Firestone

Reading about Black Elk, Sitting Bull, Geronimo and countless other Indian tribal elders and chiefs made me regret that I would never know them. They had vanished and with them a way of relating to others we can call emotional intelligence. Not the intelligence that rates at the top of the SATs or earns a…

The Fellowship, by Philip Zaleski and Carol Zaleski

During the hectic middle decades of the twentieth century, from the end of the Great Depression through World War II and into the 1950s, a small circle of intellectuals gathered on a weekly basis in and around Oxford University to drink, smoke, quip, cavil, read aloud their works in progress, and endure or enjoy with…

The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence, by Jeff Zaleski

The toy company Mattel has announced the release in Fall 2015 of “Hello Barbie,” the first Barbie doll to feature artificial intelligence. Through the toy’s wireless transmission of a child’s voice (“Hello, Barbie!”) to offsite computers, which will wire back a response that the doll will speak aloud, children can enjoy an extended conversation with…

Not Knowing, Non-Being, and the Power of Nothingness, By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, with Hilary Hart

Exploring the “hidden face of God”

Beyond Words, by William Segal

How, indeed, could it be possible for a man, who is limited on six sides—by east, west, south, north, deep, and sky—to understand a matter which is above the skies, which is beneath the deep, which stretches beyond north and south, and which is present in every place, and fills all vacuity? —St. Gregory the…

Queen of Angels, by Tracy Cochran

Seeking the divine.

Fallen Angel, by Betsy Cornwell

A young woman finds her way.

Make Peace Before the Sun Goes Down, by Roger Lipsey

The long encounter of Thomas Merton and his Abbott, James Fox.

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, by Cynthia Bourgeault

Was she “first among the apostles” of Jesus Christ?

Saturday in New York with Gitanjali, by Tracy Cochran

Gitanjali Babbar wanted to walk to the Freedom Tower. This cold day in New York City marked the end of her first trip to the United States. …