Metaphors of Movement, by Keith Badger

Walking with an Inkling or two

A Welcome Oasis: The 27th All & Everything International Humanities Conference, by Keith Badger

I would first and foremost like to follow an age-old injunction that every writer, before giving out any advice or critique to anyone else, should obligingly give an honest account of their journey. So before doing an appraisal of the 27th All & Everything International Humanities Conference I offer a short yet pertinent brief. Having…

Meeting Remarkable Trees, by Keith Badger

What our arboreal friends can teach us

Tracking Thoreau & Leopold, by Keith Badger

A trail toward a Golden Rule, a Land Ethic, and real magic

In Search of Bombadil, by Keith Badger

Tracking J.R.R. Tolkien’s Keeper of the Forest