Rising from the Fire: The Art of Transformation, by David Ulrich

The fiery path from light to light

Inner Grace: Charisma and Presence, by David Ulrich

JFK, Ram Dass, and the mystery of Being

To Honor the Sacred, by David Ulrich

A photographer envisions the sacred and the profane on a Hawaiian island

Grace is Here!, A Conversation with Ram Dass

A conversation with spiritual pioneer Ram Dass

Encountering the Teachings of Gurdjieff: A Young Man’s Search, by David Ulrich

On my college campus in the late Spring of 1970, I witnessed the events surrounding the deaths of four Kent State students from National Guardsmen’s bullets. Something changed in me.

The Reenchantment of Vision: Breaking the Spell of the Rational, by David Ulrich

The most powerful teachings and teachers are those that bring us back to ourselves, as we are now, helping us see our true nature: vulnerable and exposed, along with both our nascent strengths and formidable obstacles. […]

Portfolio: David Ulrich

Can my inner work towards stillness and consciousness be reflected in images? Perhaps the moments of presence I, at times, experience can be extended outward to you, the viewer.