Ars Poetica Parabola, by Lee van Laer

Ars Poetica Parabola, by Lee van Laer

Lee van LaerApr 30, 20165 min read

Garden Flowers photographed by Lee van Laer For the last five or so years, as readers may know, I’ve been the poetry Editor at Parabola magazine, while also fulfilling various other duties as a Senior Editor.…

Paul Gaugin,

Parabola Podcast Episode 28: The Miraculous

Betsy CornwellMay 12, 20181 min read

What is miraculous is our ability to move from one state of being to another, from sleep to awakening, from numbly repeating what we think we know to seeing something new and marvelous that has been hiding in plain sight.…

TIMELESS IN TIME: Sri Ramana Maharshi

TIMELESS IN TIME: Sri Ramana Maharshi

Samuel Bendeck SotillosJan 30, 201914 min read

A.R. NATARAJAN. FOREWORD BY ELIOT DEUTSCH. WORLD WISDOM (WWW.WORLDWISDOM.COM), 2006. PP. 160. $21.95. PAPER  Reviewed by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos Under whatever name and form one may worship the Absolute Reality, it is only a means for realizing It without name…

LETTERS FROM HELL, by Jan Cheripko

LETTERS FROM HELL, by Jan Cheripko

Jan CheripkoAug 10, 20199 min read

VALDEMAR ADOLPH THISTED. PREFACE BY GEORGE MACDONALD. WENTWORTH PRESS, 2019. PP. 246. $24.95 Reviewed by Jan Cheripko Originally published in 1866, Letters from Hell was the creation of Danish author Valdemar Adolph Thisted. The 1897 edition that I have, which…

Lee van Laer

I Have A Suitcase, by Lee van Laer

Lee van LaerMar 18, 20151 min read

I have a suitcase Packed with many things. But myself, I’m empty, Without a clue, no place to go, No ticket. No tag to mark a destination. It’s a fine suitcase With good things in it; Paid for with hard-earned…

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