Winter 2020-2021:

“These pages brim with revelations—about little-known Native American lore, about the hidden life of Isaac Newton, about Macbeth and addiction and poet Robert Lax in Hollywood. There are unveilings about the Freemasons, and the Catholic confessional; about animal tracks and trackers, and the mysteries of the Hebrew alphabet.”

from the current issue

These Are the Words of the Secret: The Gospel of Thomas Revealed

These Are the Words of the Secret: The Gospel of Thomas Revealed

Yeshua said: Whoever lives the interpretation of these words shall no longer taste death.
Isaac Newton: Magician

Isaac Newton: Magician

Newton’s inward search for hidden truth
The Dark

The Dark

Learning to love winter’s night
Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

Reflections on the 2020 All and Everything International Humanities Conference and beyond

Four times a year for over 40 years Parabola has gathered the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions to illuminate the central questions of life.

Highlights from the archive

VOL. 21:2 The Soul

“Soul, like the body, is a process. Though we are born with a soul, soul continues to develop, secretly adding to its luster like a pearl hidden inside an oyster. Making soul is the process of a lifetime, or several lifetimes. Mystics call it performing The Great Work.”

VOL. 01:2 Magic

“The magician is the magus, the mighty one, the worker of miracles. What then is magic, what is a miracle? Where does the power come from? What laws is it above, and what laws is it under? For in the hierarchy of nature we know of nothing below the divine Absolute that does not obey the higher cause. What are the laws of magic?”

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