Fall 2021: Fire

“The fires will come again, the land will burn, but we can keep alive this….knowing passed down through generations, held in the old stories long before we forgot to remember, of how civilizations fall apart, and amidst their ashes green shoots appear.”

from the current issue

We’re In It Now

We’re In It Now

The greatest shocks can inspire the deepest wisdom
Fire Season

Fire Season

A Sufi master looks at—and beyond—the approaching flames
Kissed by Fire

Kissed by Fire

Fire Creates. Fire Cooks. Fire Kills. Fire also kisses. It kisses death from life and life from death.


A review of Ellen Dooling Reynard’s “No Batteries Required”

Four times a year for over 40 years Parabola has gathered the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions to illuminate the central questions of life.

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Fire (submission deadline: June 01, 2021)
The Golden Rule 
(submission deadline: September 01, 2021)
(submission deadline: December 01, 2021)
Ancestors (submission deadline: March 01, 2022)

Highlights from the archive

The Parabola Book of Healing

A collection of writings by such individuals as John Donne, Norman Cousins, Anatole Broyard, Joseph Bruchac, and Maya Deren, who try to define health and examine efforts by various groups of people to encourage it.

I Become Part of It:
Sacred Dimensions in Native American Life

This collection of essays and stories, many of which first appeared in Parabola magazine, explores Native American life in the last, present, and future, from Navajo sand paintings to first hand accounts of spirit quests.

Elders on Love

Dialogues on the consciousness, cultivation, and expression of love in all its forms, at all ages.

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