Parabola Podcast Episode 46: The Creative Response

The Unknown — our beautiful An­glo-Saxon word, intimate, reverberant, profound, not so much to be understood but stood under while it rains upon us — that is something I could well live with and, indeed, have revered, cherished, and tried to serve for many a year and day.

P.L. Travers, “The Interviewer,” from Vol. 13 No. 1, THE CREATIVE RESPONSE.

Story Editor Betsy Cornwell shares excerpts from Parabola’s Spring 1988 issue, “The Creative Response,” including P.L. Travers’ stunningly moving essay “The Interviewer.” Find the full issue here.

By Betsy Cornwell

Betsy Cornwell is Parabola’s story editor and digital editor. She is the author of the novels Tides, Mechanica, Venturess, The Forest Queen, and The Circus Rose.