Boethius, rendered into modern English by Thomas Powers (Free Download)

Philosophy Instructing Boethius on the Role of God. Coëtivy Master (Henri de Vulcop?), c. 1460-1470. Tempera colors, gold leaf, and gold paint on parchment. Getty Center, Los Angeles

A classic text made anew

The following free PDF is a new rendering by Thomas Powers of Consolation of Philosophy (c. 524 A.D.), the classic and influential work by the Roman senator Boethius (c. 477-524 A.D.). Powers’s presentation is based on the original Latin as well as on the fourteenth-century translation by Geoffrey Chaucer and two other English translations.
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About the Author

Thomas Powers is a retired English teacher, computer programmer, pension administrator, advertising copywriter, and salesperson who now volunteers as an adult literacy tutor. He credits the Gurdjieff Foundation of Illinois with teaching him to feel the difference between knowledge and understanding.

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