Parabola Podcast Episode 31: The Journey Home

“Death is completely safe; it’s like taking off a tight shoe . . . I have been able to work with the dying and bring to them, in the face of the unknown, qualities of equanimity and peace. In those moments of being with a person who is approaching death, I find that only truth works. And so I am forced to examine and reexamine the depths of my understanding of life after death. This is the crucible through which what I am going to share has passed.”

– Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush, “Going Home”

Story Editor Betsy Cornwell shares Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush’s “Going Home” and Emily Dickinson’s poem “Our Journey Had Advanced” in this episode of Parabola magazine’s free monthly podcast. Our monthly twenty-minute podcast is available to stream or download for free through SoundCloud and iTunes.

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