As She Is, a Film by Megan McFeely

As She Is is a beautiful, heartfelt film that takes viewers on a journey towards healing and wholeness. Highly recommended. —Tracy Cochran, Parabola

As She Is, Restoring Sacred Balance, A Film by Megan McFeelyAs She Is, is a film about a personal and collective journey towards wholeness – reclaiming, valuing and living the feminine aspect of ourselves.

Reclaiming our instinctive way of knowing, our insight, our native certainty is not beyond reach. It’s as simple as remembering the feminine within us which connects us to every living thing. In As She Is, filmmaker Megan McFeely takes a deeply personal journey through masculine conditioning to find and honor the feminine in us all. This timely documentary explores how masculine domination and drive can give way to feminine relation and belonging—and redress a human world so out of balance. With lush imagery, a moving soundtrack, and candid interviews, McFeely explores our natural capacity to relate, receive, merge, and to express feminine power. Power over keeps us off balance and striving. “Power within taps into the life force,” says cultural historian Elinor Gadon, in this compelling look at the radical and undeniable truth that our individual happiness and our very chances at human survival depend upon receptive, connective, life-giving feminine strengths.

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