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Dear Friend,

This is Parabola‘s 40th anniversary year—and we need your help!

Parabola published its first issue in January 1976. Since then we have explored with you the great questions of human existence, drawing on the world’s spiritual and cultural traditions in nearly 160 issues. There is no other publication like Parabola.

Now we urgently need your help to carry on and grow. Parabola is a nonprofit, independent, reader-supported publication. We have no endowment. No organization sponsors us. In order to publish each issue, we depend directly upon the generosity of readers like you.

With your support, during the past year we have launched a much-needed new website. now serves as a crossroads for all things Parabola: the magazine and its extensive archives, and also our newsletter, our social media, and a steady stream of web original readings, podcasts, and other features, as well as the Parabola store.


Please help us to share Parabola’s special treasures with the world! In addition to bringing you upcoming issues on themes such as The Divine Feminine and Innocence & Experience, we are working to bring Parabola to new groups of readers around the globe. As a first step, we are for the first time ever offering Spanish language readings from Parabola, on

Will you please support us with a meaningful (and tax-deductible) donation? A contribution of any size will be greatly appreciated.

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To those of you who can donate $50 or more, we are happy to offer in return:

♦ $50 or higher donation: One free gift subscription
♦ $100 or higher donation: Two free gift subscriptions
♦ $250 or higher donation: Three free gift subscriptions
♦ $500 or higher donation: Three free gift subscriptions and a Parabola tote bag
♦ $1000 or higher: Three free gift subscriptions; a Parabola tote bag; lunch with Parabola editors

Thank you for your support! May you and your loved ones enjoy a blessed holiday season.

Jeff Zaleski
Editor and Publisher, Parabola