I Have A Suitcase, by Lee van Laer

I have a suitcase
Packed with many things. …


I have a suitcase
Packed with many things.
But myself, I’m empty,
Without a clue, no place to go,

No ticket.

No tag to mark a destination.

It’s a fine suitcase
With good things in it;
Paid for with hard-earned cash.
Others are impressed.

In the morning, the suitcase
Is ready to go anywhere I go;
Just zip it up. I carry it
From place to place.

But I’m still me; still empty
Nothing fills me but my life
Which cannot be fit
In suitcases.

Despite this understanding,
I think to myself:
I should have bought larger.
Much, much larger.

It doesn’t matter, though,
I suddenly remember.
I’m emptiness;
Will stay that way


–Lee van Laer, Senior Editor

By Lee van Laer

Lee van Laer is a Senior Editor of Parabola. For more information, please visit www.doremishock.com.