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“I’ve subscribed to Parabola for thirty years, and I’ve saved every copy of the magazine. I always look forward to reading the latest issue. It’s given me spiritual sustenance—no other way to say it.”

– Martin Scorsese

Parabola is a non-profit, independent, reader-supported publication from The Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition. We have no endowment. No organization sponsors us. In order to publish each issue, we depend directly upon the generosity of readers like you. Without your support, we would cease to exist. Please consider helping us by making a donation.

For more than 40 years, Parabola has served as the meeting ground for all of the world’s great spiritual traditions, as they illuminate the central questions of human existence. And in today’s world, where exchange among religions too often leads to conflict, even violence, rather than to understanding, Parabola’s mission is more important than ever.

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