The Endless Vows, by Mark Nepo

Four statements to transform your life

The Monkey and the River, by Mark Nepo

The simplest and hardest thing to do each day is to be here–fully, completely, without turning away.

Eight Worldviews and Practices, by Mark Nepo

Eight traditional ways to wholeheartedness and authenticity

Pathways, by Mark Nepo

I don’t know why I was born | with this belief in something | deeper and larger than we can | see. […]

Our Authority of Being, by Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo on welcoming the life-force.

Hearing the Cries of the World, by Mark Nepo

This story is so old we don’t know who told it or who it’s about, except that it speaks to all of us. We no longer know if it was a “he” or “she” at the center of the story. […]

The Unfinished Painting, by Mark Nepo

Dreams and art are the smoke signals connecting the one tribe over time. Stories and myths do the same. Often we are so greatly taxed by circumstance that we lose the larger view of time and how we are always related, not only to those around us but to those who came before us and…

Without Pause, by Mark Nepo

They say the legendary hitter Ted Williams could see the seams of the ball as it came out of the pitcher’s hand. …