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Photographs by Stephan Gersh

Three Poems, by Mark Nepo

Heavy drops, carrying more | than they can bear, fall from no- | where, bending leaves already | sagging, and one by one, | the leaves let go.



Parabola Podcast Episode 27: "The Maze"

Parabola Podcast Episode 27: “The Maze”

Story editor Betsy Cornwell shares PL Travers’ stunning essay “Walking the Maze” and William Segal’s wise poem “The Middle Ground” in this episode of Parabola Magazine’s free podcast.

Parabola Podcast Episode 26: "Wealth"

Parabola Podcast Episode 26: “Wealth”

This episode of Parabola’s free monthly podcast includes an excerpt from David Ulrich’s Zen Camera on the joys of mindful photography and drawing, as well as Alexandra Haven’s essay on the wonders of ancient Egypt […]

Ecstasy of St Theresa (detail), by Gianlorenzo Bernini, 1652. Photo by Nina Aldin Thune

Parabola Podcast Episode 25: The Beloved

This episode of Parabola’s free monthly podcast includes Mirabai Starr’s meditation on divine love “Longing for the Beloved” and Linda McCarriston’s poem “Riding Out At Evening.”

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The Hidden Third

The Hidden Third

“The greatest responsibility of all: the transmission of the mystery.” —Basarab Nicolescu

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